2020 AGM

As a result of the 2020 AGM we have a new committee for the coming year. All positions are effective immediately, though a hand over period is expected.

  • Chairman: David Bell
  • Secretary: Margarita Grigoriadi
  • Treasurer: John Davis
  • Welfare Officer: Angela Mason
  • Social Secretaries: Angela Mason, Zara Hough, Anne Spaa
  • Club Captains: Anne Spaa, Clive Eve, Scott Walton
  • Kit Secretary: Michael McGrath
  • Events Lead: Chris Pearce
  • Commercial Representative: Paul Wilson

Beyond the above roles being agreed and ratified by vote, the following changes were proposed, voted on, and passed:

  • Swim sessions will be charged at £6 for members (membership email reciepts shall be used as proof of joining);
  • Swim sessions for non-members shall be charged at £7;
  • Membership shall be increased in cost to £40.

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