National Triathlon Relays

The National Triathlon Relays will be once again held on the August Bank Holiday - 24/08/2019. Full information can be found here: Tyne Triathlon Interest FormClick Here Each team is made up of 4 members. Each member completes the short swim (~500m) sequentially, with the team wristband being passed from team member to team…Read more National Triathlon Relays

The Addisons go to Cleveland Sprint Triathlon – 19th May 2019

Saturday the 18th May, my tri suit is packed, the tyres on my bike pumped up which left me with the most important decision of all - what do I have for breakfast on the morning of race day!? Well it was between overnight oats or a bagel topped with peanut butter and banana. After consultation with Coach Addison…Read more The Addisons go to Cleveland Sprint Triathlon – 19th May 2019

April News

If there is anything you would like added to the news in future please get in touch via the website. Tyne Triathlon Trip Away 31/05/19 — 02/06/19 After the success of last year’s Tyne Triathlon tip to the Lake District we are planning another trip, this time to recce the IRONMAN  UK bike course. The…Read more April News