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Tri Star Start – 8 years. Swim 50m/Run 600m

Tri Star 1 – 9-10 years. Swim 150m/Run 1.5km

Tri Star 2 – 11-12 years. Swim 200m/Run 2km

Tri Star 3 – 13-14 years. Swim 300m/Run 3km

Youths – 15-16 years. Swim 400m/Run 5km

Swim Waves:

  1. TriStar Starts @ 08.30
  2. TriStar 1 @ 08:40
  3. TriStar 2 @ 08:55
  4. TriStar 3 @ 09:10
  5. Youths @ 09:25
  6. Adults 1 @ 09:40
  7. Adults 2 @ 10:00
  8. Adults 3 @ 10:15

Swim Waves: – Swim speed

  • Adults will be placed you in a swim wave with athletes of a similar ability based upon your projected swim time. Please, if you are obviously slower than other swimmers in your lane, let them past you by moving aside at the end of the lane.
  • Tristars are grouped only by age

Swim: – Rules

  • The swim starts in the pool.
  • At Registration you were allocated a Swim Lane & Lane Order.
  • Competitors will leave @ 10 second intervals based upon their Lane Order swimming in a Clockwise or Anticlockwise direction.
  • There will not be time for all waves to have a warm up swim, so no warm up swims
  • Lanes: 1 – 3 – 5 Swim Anti-clockwise direction [Up Right – Down Left]
  • Lanes: 2 – 4 – 6 Swim Clockwise direction [Up Left – Down Right]

It is competitors responsibility to count swim lengths:

  • Tri-Star Starts 50 metres 2 lengths
  • Tri-Star 1 150 metres 6 lengths
  • Tri-Star 2 200 metres 8 lengths
  • Tri-Star 3 300 metres 12 lengths
  • Youths 400 metres 16 lengths
  • Juniors/Adults 500 metres 20 lengths


Transition Area: – Access Pre-Swim

  • TriStarts – Swim Wave 1 – Once you have registered place your Run Gear in Transition
  • We have an indoor Transition area

Place your Run Shoes on the floor & shirt/belt on the ledge at the far end of the pool

  • Place your Run gear within your designated Lane number area

Tristarts, if time does not permit the above prior to the race briefing @ 08:00; then please place your Run gear within the Transition area immediately after the Race briefing.

  • Tristar 1 Competitors – Swim wave 2 – Please place your Run gear within the Transition area immediately after the Race briefing.
  • Competitors – Please be available at poolside 15 minutes before your designated swim wave.

Competitors in Swim Waves 3, 4 etc. – You may place your Run gear within Transition once the Swim Wave before yours has entered the pool i.e. Swim wave 4 when swim wave 3 is in the pool.

Please leave only Run kit & a small towel [if absolutely necessary] in Transition, NO BAGS [they will be moved]; none essential items should be placed in the changing rooms or with family, friend or colleague.

Transition Area: – During the event

For COMPETITORS SAFETY – Once you have finished your swim, leave your swim lane at the shallow end and progress at a leisurely pace, NO RUNNING, [or for Safety reasons, the Race Referee, Lifeguards or Transition marshal will stop you] …. just proceed to the Transition area and change into your Run gear asap.

  • Please note there can be no nudity in transition
  • You will Exit Transition via the Fire Doors at the pool end & commence your Run


Run: – Distances

May I remind competitors that IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to count your Run laps:

  • Tri-Star Starts 600 metres
  • Tri-Star 1 1500 metres
  • Tri-Star 2 2000 metres
  • Tri-Star 3 3000 metres
  • Youths 4000 metres
  • Juniors/Adults 5000 metres

Run: – Start

  • Only when you have your Race number on, exit Transition via the Fire Exit doors
  • From the Exit (a marshal will direct you) run through the main Leisure Centre gates turning left and down the path, keeping to the right, where you will be directed along your Run course
  • Having completed the lap(s) required you will be directed back towards the Leisure centre

Please be careful on the run course as the area will be populated by fellow competitors, family, friends & colleagues and members of the public eager to watch your progress or just walk their dogs!

Run: – Finish

  • Returning rapidly with a quickening pace to impress your coach, colleagues, family, friends, marshals & spectators, pass through the finish area where a drink, fruit bar and medal await.

Once you have finished & recovered, don`t forget to collect your gear from Transition, ensuring you re-enter the Leisure Centre through the main doors, not the transition fire exit, being careful to avoid other athletes if the race is still in progress. A marshal may ask you to briefly wait if other athletes are exiting the pool or in Transition – Please be attentive to their request.

  • The Leisure Centre respectfully request that you consider other users of the centre and don`t wear your muddy shoes/boots when returning into the centre.

Don`t rush off after you have finished, take time to watch other swim waves & runs, mix with fellow competitors, and then attend your awards ceremony.

  • Once all athletes have finished the results will be collated, please be patient!
  • We plan to start the Junior awards ceremony at @ approx. 11:30.


This is a Triathlon England North East Region Aquathlon.

The event is organised by volunteers from Triathlon Clubs within the North East Region as part of our on-going attempts to meet the growing needs of Triathletes mainly based within the North East.

All feedback on the event is welcomed.

The Awards ceremony is planned for @ 11:15 and take place in the Main Hall.


As is our tradition a small raffle forms part of the awards ceremony – come and support your fellow Triathletes and say thanks to the volunteer event marshals

Hopefully you enjoyed this event and if not a club member are thinking of joining.

Speak to one of the marshals and they will assist you with details of your local Triathlon club.

If you enjoyed the event and want some more – look on Tri Northern Pulse website and consider entering additional events in the Northern Region and join the fastest growing sport in the UK.

Many Thanks

Chris Pearce

Race Organiser – Tyne Triathlon Club



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