Last Tuesday 25th 2019 saw Tyne Triathlon run our first Go Tri duathlon training session. These sessions are being run primarily for beginners, and those racing at the Try on the Tyne event though they are open to all.

We had four women turn up, with a range of experience from complete beginner to GB Age Group qualifier! All had come to learn, whether that be “what a duathlon is” or just to practice transition training in a friendly environment with some guidance from our Head Coach; Margarita; and Chairman; Steve.

The session began with some introductions and explanation of the rest of the evening. We then had a walk through of how to set up your space in transition along with the order to do everything. This was followed by some actual transitions with a short run, cycle and run in order to try and warm up again!

After some pointers, and specific items to practice the group got to experience Margarita’s special brand of ‘fun’ with some games designed to simulate tired legs and a bit of disorientation that is all too common in multisport racing!

Everyone involved had a great time (despite the cold, damp evening) and learnt something during the evening.

If you are interested in attending the next session on 23/07/2019 you can sign up here.

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