Regional Grand Prix

The Multisport season is almost upon us with the first event on 24th March at the Sun City Duathlon. As the new Senior Grand Prix Co-Ordinator I will be working out the GP
scores for at least 37 events this year. Only those competitors who are British Triathlon members and live in  the NE or who are members of a NE club are qualified to be
included in the GP’s (multisport and triathlon) and there  will be many competitors in each race who are not members. As the recent privacy laws complicate the passing of
information without permission (quite rightly) it makes it difficult to work out the complete score sheet for each event  without knowing who is or who is not in BT.
If you qualify as detailed above then please let me know if you wish to be included in the GP’s. My email address is and you can let me know if you qualify. I do not need to know your membership numbers.

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