Spanish City Triathlon 2018

Pos. Participant  Finish time 
1 Chris Pearce 1:09:45
2 Keith Robson 1:12:08
3 Arabella Pearce 1:12:56
4 Robert Lambert 1:21:44
5 Angela Mason 1:25:43
6 Zara Hough 1:28:00
 A great morning’s racing at Whitley Bay for the Spanish City Triathlon. Now run by Alan Copeland and the Embrace team. 

Special mention has to go to Zara Hough on her first EVER triathlon. Who chooses to do a sea swim for their first race??! And a super cold sea it was too with tricky sand banks and lots of rocks to negotiate. Zara did the club proud by not letting this faze her in the slightest. Go Zara!

Zara Hough finishing in style. An impressive debut by this plucky lass.


Chris Pearce ever strong on the run.

Arabella Pearce looking deceptively happy.

Zara Hough


Another deceptively smiley photo (It’s a grimace)



Angela Mason scooping 2nd V50. Our only podium of the morning. Congratulations Angela!

Tyne Tri plait pals.

From left, Chris Pearce, Angela Mason, Zara Hough, Arabella Pearce, Rob Lambert.

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