National Team Relays 2017

The national relays are great event where clubs from all over the country to compete as a club rather than individually which makes this event fantastic.

Due to a couple of drop outs and a late entry the club entered into the open category.

Unlike a conventional triathlon relay where each member does a leg, these relays have all team members do all legs… and this year the competitors all swim first, then bike, then run the 500m-15k-5k course.

For reference the fastest time from the morning club championships was 2.57… by Race Hubs Mens team…

We pulled together three teams for the afternoon relay and a massive congratulations for a sterling effort from all!

Tyne Men A – 3:26 and came 13th of 194 in the mixed and 7th in the open cat.

Tyne Men B – 3.45 and came 39th of 194 in the mixed and 20th in the open cat.

Tyne Ladies – 3.48 and came 49th of 194 in the mixed and 26th in the open cat.

Fantastic to see Tyne Tri competing on the national stage and putting out a great performance.

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