Tyne Triathlon Moves Indoors

Tuesday 7th April saw Tyne Triathlon’s inaugural Zwift meet-up ride. With Zara and Steve in attendance we’ve started with a manageable number but still learnt some points worth carrying through to future rides.

  1. For the time being Steve is organising these meet-ups but it would be great for others to organise their own meet-ups too. In order to attend search for and follow ‘Steve Addison [TyneTri/NDCA]’. If I don’t know you adding ‘[TyneTri]’ to your name will help me not miss anyone from the invites.
  2. The join meet-up dialogue box pops up around 5 minutes prior, this is a lot closer to the start time than normal Zwift events so don’t panic!
  3. Download and use the Zwift Companion app, for the time being this is the best way to communicate in ride. On this note all messages are only seen by others in the meet-up, despite us seeing normal Zwift chatter. You do need the setting turned on to allow chat to be shown on screen.
  4. We will all wear the black and yellow kit for future meet-ups. This is in lieu of Tyne Tri kit in game. This kit is unlocked at level 2 so everyone should be able to select it from their garage!
  5. We are using the ‘keep everyone together’ option for the time being. This works very well (Zara and I tried to break the elastic band a few times and couldn’t) so no one will be left behind…no-one is too fast or too slow for these rides!
Tyne Tri ‘Zwift Kit’

Feel free to also join our ZwiftPower team following the instructions here: https://tynetri.org/2020/02/10/tyne-triathlon-zwift-team/

I’ll add to this post as things become more evident etc as we get more experienced with the platform!

Look forward to seeing you virtually soon,


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