Triathlon – Where to Start? (Part 1: The Swim)

The Swim

The swim is often the most daunting part about triathlon for new comers, however it doesn’t have to be this way.

Tyne Triathlon runs three coached swim sessions a week that cater to all abilities from very basic swimmers all the way up to triathletes aiming for GB Age Group selection. If you aren’t sure whether our sessions would be a good fit for you, and would like more information before coming along to a session please contact us here.

Our top tips for new swimmers are:

  1. Come along to a session – Your swimming will improve much faster when under the guidance of a coach. It is also much easier to motivate yourself to ‘take the plunge’ when you know others will also be there!
  2. Wear swimwear – This is typically a more common issue for men as ‘speedos’ are normally a reason for ridicule! Board shorts or similar however will absorb and retain the water making them significantly harder to swim in. If it is harder then you will tire much quicker and likely enjoy it less, leading to either slower progress or stopping all together.
  3. Goggles – Goggle are almost always a necessity when swimming. Not only do they stop you from getting water in your eyes (causing them to sting), but they also let you watch your own technique, and possibly more importantly, that of others,  helping you progress quicker (as long as you only copy those who have better technique than you!).
  4. Come along to a session – Re-iterating the point that swimming is the best way to get better at swimming!

Hopefully we will see you at one of our sessions soon!

You can also check out our other beginners guides here:



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