Tyne Tri #WNBV Inaugural Ride

Summer Rides Series – Pootle and Pint 🍻

Now to be known as the “Poodle and a Pint” Ride – as Nigel kindly pointed out my spelling error on the event post ☺️

6 intrepid explorers set off yesterday evening in to pleasant sunshine and ferocious headwinds from Newburn foraying into Northumberland.

The first challenge of the evening came within the first mile – an assault on Hospital Lane. Thoroughly warmed up by now, we 6 headed towards Westerhope before swinging left onto the Stamfordham Road and detouring around Ponteland.

Marathon man Robert, with his tired London legs, seemed to gain particularly joy from the battering westerly. Just 22 miles he gladly exclaimed (after his total ride of 35). 🤷‍♂️

Along Limestone Lane and drop down to Dalton, eventually gaining the long anticipated “taily” – we made good speed back to Throckley.

A mad dash down to Newburn, the warmth and refreshments now enticing us back, a through and off peddling a big gear and before we knew it we were back where we started.

A nice little bonus was that my Ironman compadre Steven, our international GB racer Yvette and teeny baby Lucia were awaiting our return for a long over due catch up.

Weekly stats
Riders: 6
Group miles ridden: 22
Beer quality: 4.5/5
Chips: None ordered!!!

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