We have now joined the 20th Century and offer secure online membership subscription  via Entry Central.   This is the same provider we have successfully used for the Aquathlon for many years without any problem.

We are late getting in 2017 subs officially and, although many have paid, also many haven’t.  This is partly as we have not been organised in collecting, but it is crucial to keep the club afloat!  So we now have now filled the gap and have a easy way to pay our way.    Some of the more traditional members can still pay by cash, cheque or pieces of eight and we can manually enter you on line without the online payment bit.

Create a profile on entry central and it remembers your details year on year including your BTF number and emergency contacts etc.

Those who have paid can have a 100% discount or wait till next year is due, new members who joined after June 17 can have a 50% discount and members who joined after Sept 17 can have a 75% discount

Members requiring a discount can get one through the Tyne Triathlon Facebook page.  As each membership comes through we will add you to the new Members Only Facebook group.

There is a “JOIN” menu item on the webpage at the top left which takes you straight to our landing page on entry central.

Thanks and get stuck in !!

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