The National Triathlon Relays will be once again held on the August Bank Holiday – 24/08/2019. Full information can be found here:

Each team is made up of 4 members. Each member completes the short swim (~500m) sequentially, with the team wristband being passed from team member to team member. Once the last person has swam and handed the band off to the first team member they then complete the 15km bike (again moving through the team sequentially) until the run is completed in the same fashion.

Depending on interest the teams will be gender specific or mixed.

Typically the club head down on the Friday night then camp both the Friday and Saturday night at The National Watersports Centre.

All club members will have half of their entry fee covered by the club (for those that do not have National federation membership there is an additional £5 charge for race day license, payale in cash only on the day – the club does not make a contribution to this):

Members – £20.50

Non-members – £41

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