New Tri-Suits

We have designed new tri-suits along with Endura and are wanting to place an order with them by 17th March. The suit will cost £69 and there are shorts and vest available for those doing longer distances at £78. Orders take apporximatley 11 weeks for delivery so we should expect to get them by mid June. You will be required to pay 50% on ordering and then the remaining balance on delivery. Depending on the numbers ordered there may be some discount offered, but we wont now this until we have made our order. There is a minimum order of 15 items so it may be a while until we make another order for suits, so please bare this in mind when considering if you want a suit. 

There have been some samples circulating around the swim sessions over the past few weeks for people to try on and are still doing so, but if you are unsure there is a size guide in the endura catalogue. Underneath are the printed panels that have endura have supplied us with to show how the suit will look.

Orders can be e-mailed to Steven Marks at or you can download an order form and pass onto Dave Bell/ Andy Woods at one of the swimming sessions.

Look forward to seeing everyone racing in the tyne tri colours this year

Swimming Kit

Over the coming months some of our training sessions in the pool will require the use of some training kit such as pull-buoy, kick board, etc. and as many of you know there is not always enough kit to go around. So in order to get the full benefit from each session it would be useful if all members have some of their own kit. Neil is going to put an order in on 6th December and as a member of Tyne Tri, members are eligable to purchase kit at a discounted price.

If you are buying a full basic kit  (a pull-buoy, kick-board, pair paddles and pair fins) members will recieve a free mesh kit bag. You will be able to order kit after Dec. 6th, but you may not recieve the same discount.

Click here for price list and order form

If you are wanting to order some equipment you can either bring along the order form to Neil at the Wednesday or Friday night sessions. Alternativley you can contact him via e-mail ( or contact him on 07900 913888

Tyne Triathlon Kit

New kit is now available

 If you wish to place an order please either e-mail the club ( with your order or download an order form here and give Steve Marks your order form and a cheque made payable to Tyne Traithlon club.

Soon you will be able to order direct from our supplier


Tyne Tri Hoody £28.80, click here for information on sizes

Tyne Tri T-shirt £11.40, click here for information on sizes

(image to come soon)


Tyne Tri Polo top £18.00, click here for information on sizes


Tyne Tri Pants £28.80, click here for information on sizes

If you wish to have your initials placed on the hoody or the pants this will cost an extra £1.80


MV Sport have agreed to provide a discount to Tyne Triathlon Club members for the purchase of wetsuits please see attachment.

Please contact Neil Bowers (swim coach) at a Wednesday or Friday swim session for more details

Swimming Hat

Yellow swim hat with large club logo in black on both sides



Forget your fenwicks summer sale this is the big one, the Tyne Tri Summer Sale. We have certain things in stock that we are reducing in price that are great value for money. Unfortunatley we don't have image sof the stoc, but if you click here you can get a list of everything in our sale. If you want more infomration about the kit either go via the club e-mail or get in touch with Steven Marks and he will be ale to help you. There is limited stock on some items so once it's it's gone.