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Chrissie Wellington


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Hi Colleagues,

Lee Tait, Lee Thompson and a couple of other Tyne Tri members went to Leeds Uni for a RUN WITH CHRISSIE. The event was arranged by 4 x Ironman world champ Chrissie Wellington to raise funds for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. The few who were lucky to attend arrived under grey skies at the running track to be introduced to Chrissie and her beaming smile. The smile is famous in itself! What an amazing lady. Lost for words to describe her. So full of energy she spent time with everyone all day. her smile and enthusiasm never faded. We had a quick photo shoot then off for a 5k run around the Uni grounds and no we didnt get chicked by chrissie but we were nearly chicked by a 11 year old version of her!

We were lucky to then have an hours coaching on run technique and strength and conditioning. Chrissie getting stuck in and when running with me I just become a blushing gibbering star struck idiot....sorry guys.... im affraid i didnt do the north east justice...what a dick!

Chrissie was going to join us in the communal showers but got wisked away to sign some stuff but we caught up later in the grand hall for more photos and signing. We were then treated to an emotional video of the amazing lady the late Jane Tomlinson whos efforts are a true inspiration.

Following a munch at the extensive buffet we settled down for the guest speeker.....

Chrissie gave a very emotional and in depth look into her life and motivation. A very intelligent and witty lady who obviously has a passion for life and fills every moment of it with meaning and purpose. A few very eye opening facts about her training and nutrition.......yes ive been doing it so wrong for far to long.......and a very open and honest Q&A to finish off the evening. A standing ovation brought on the floods of tears that were often there when talking about so many subject close to her heart.

Possibly one of the most thought provoking and well spent days of my life. Thanks Chrissie, Inspiration, Passion, Tears and Smiles....I think mine was bigger....maybe!

Posted on December 28, 2011 at 11:01 AM
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